About Bontexgeo


About Bontexgeo

Our history and departments

Our history

Bontexgeo NV (Zele) was founded in 1925 as 'Phormium' weaving jute materials. As of the sixties the company focused on the production of industrial and technical textiles. After establishing a joint-venture with the British Low & Bonar group, the company became part of that European corporation in 1987.

In the nineties the international expansion continued and in 1996 the takeover of UCO technical Fabrics took place. In the year 2000, the company name was changed to 'Bonar Technical Fabrics', 12 years later it was shortened to 'Bonar', including Colbond in the Netherlands. End of 2016, all divisions of Low & Bonar had their name changed to 'Low & Bonar'.

As of October 2019, Bontexgeo is no longer a part of Low & Bonar, but is an independent company.

Our history in a nutshell

Our other Civil Engineering brand

For more information about our brands or products for Civil Engineering, please visit the websites of each of our brands:

Tipptex offers a large range of nonwoven geotextiles produced from polypropylene. Tipptex geotextiles are widely used in Civil Engineering for separation, filtration, drainage and/or protection.

If you would like to know more about Bontexgeo, please visit the Bontexgeo website.