Nonwovens, needle-punched

Nonwoven geotextile

Bontec NW Bontec SNW Protec Bonarpave

Bontec NW is a range of needle punched and thermally bonded geotextiles that is used in various applications including site access roads, hard standings, road and railways, drainage blankets and car parks.

The SNW product range has a lower thickness and is used for the protection of impermeable membranes in landfill and reservoir construction as well as for coastal protection from erosion below rock and concrete defences. It's principal functions are protection, separation and filtration.

The Protec range is well suited for protection and drainage applications where a thick cushioning layer and high elongation are key requirements for the design. Typical areas of use include Protec functioning as an erosion control layer under rock armour in coastal defence projects or as a protective cushion layer in landfills and reservoirs.

BonarPave is a high-quality needle punched nonwoven geotextile that, when installed on a bituminous tack coat, performs as a stress absorbing membrane interlayer (SAMI) and inhibits the upward propagation of cracks from the underlying pavement into the overlay.