BonarPave is a needle punched nonwoven geotextile that, when installed on a bituminous tack coat, performs as a stress absorbing membrane interlayer and inhibits the upward propagation of cracks from the underlying pavement into the overlay. This condition is often referred to as reflective crack control.

The BonarPave geotextile offers optimum tensile strength with high corresponding elongation. This ensures that the saturated nonwoven absorbs stress but still follows the contours of the underlying surface.

The fabric has crucial bitumen retention properties that ensure firm adhesion between the old and the new surfacing layers. This encourages bitumen to be drawn up from the tack coat which results in a strong bond being develop between the BonarPave textile and the underlying surface.

BonarPave forms a permanent waterproof barrier that prevents water penetration into the road base from above. This protects the subsoil from water intrusion through the pavement and any subsequent reduction in bearing capacity.

Technical details:

  • Standard product weight 140 gr/m²
  • Bitumen retention 1.17 litres/m²
  • Width up to 5.25 m
  • Roll length 100 m



Application areas:

  • Construction of new roads and motorways
  • At the interface of carriage widening projects
  • Below new asphalt overlays in pavement maintenance works
  • In repair and local patch maintenance

Features and benefits:

  • Minimal 100 year durability
  • High alkaline resistance
  • Reduces the amount of cracking in a new pavement or asphalt overlay
  • Absorbs stress but still follows the contours of the underlying surface
  • Ensures firm adhesion between the old and the new surfacing layers
  • Forms a permanent waterproof barrier
  • Easy to install

How our products are used

BonarPave installed on a bitumous tack coat
Repair of asphalt with BonarPave
Use of BonarPave in construction of new road